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Please refer to these diagrams when choosing the size of the labels stock. If you are using an applicator such as Primera’s AP362 be sure to order the correct size based on the diagrams. For example, if you are using an applicator you may need to order 3" wide x 4" high instead of 4" wide x 3" high.
Description: PrinterOrientation.jpg  Description: ApplicatorOrientation.jpg 
Please Note: For all sizes listed on our website, the first number is width and the second number is length. Example 2” x 1” =  2" wide by 1" high. Width and Height listed on the website will always correspond to the images above.

Core Diameter

Label stock is not interchangeable between LX400 and LX810/LX900 Color Label Printers. The LX810 and LX900 has 6" (152mm) maximum diameter on a 3" (76mm) core. The LX400 has 5" (127mm) maximum diameter on a 2" (50.8mm) core.  In other words, if you do not see the size available for your printer you cannot order the same size that may be available for a different printer.

Label Warranty

Label stock should be tested thoroughly under end-use conditions to ensure it meets the requirements of the specific application. Before ordering, please request a sample for testing if you have any doubt about compatibility. We recommend testing especially if you plan to use any type of label stock in or near water or under direct sun light.  Label Warranty Information.